How to setup Norton Antivirus on Windows

Norton antivirus effectively eliminates all viruses from your system and protects you perfectly in the best manner. But many of the users do not know how to setup Norton antivirus in their windows or many a times they fail to do so, in that aspect they can connect with professionals through Norton antivirus customer support number.

Norton antivirus also brings many more perfect features to eliminate all major and unwanted technical concerns in this antivirus. The professionals are available at the destination to help you get fastest recovery for all concerns existing in Norton.

Steps to setup Norton Antivirus on Windows

  • At first just close all programs
  • Now after this remove other antivirus program
  • You can use link to visit Norton.com/setup activation
  • After that login if you have an account with Norton
  • Now login in your Norton account
  • At the right-hand top you can see My Norton option
  • Now enter 25 digit code activation code
  • Press on enter
  • Go to my Norton on top
  • Now download Norton
  • Once you have downloaded it
  • Run the setup
  • After this restart the system
  • Run a full antivirus scan on your windows
  • Now manage services and other installation devices
  • Use the same console
  • It’s done

These are the easiest steps that one can take to setup your antivirus on windows. If you have any concern or problem in setup and installation steps, you can connect with us for help and support whenever needed we are always available to assist you.

Users can attain the Norton.com/setup and installation support to attain from professionals. Our engineers are available around the clock to help you get best help and support. You can feel free to connect with us for help whenever required. 




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